Monday, December 12, 2011

Pulling myself together...

It's Dec. 13, 2011 and I'm about to have my 2nd Christmas in Korea. Last years was the worst because I was so sick and alone. This year I'm hoping to not be sick and to not be alone. Right now I've got a bacterial infection and hope that it's gone come Christmas. I've got 34 days until I'm in England and 77 days until I'm back home in Oklahoma. I've had a rough couple weeks, but things are looking up thanks to my awesome friends and my mom and dad.

Who knew that 2 years would bring so many ups and downs. Despite the downs, I wouldn't give this experience up for anything. I've learned more about myself in these past two years than I have in the past 24 years of my life. I left the states a 24 year old girl who had no idea what she wanted to do and I'll come back a 26 year old woman who has decided on a career path, learned that 1st impressions really DO matter, that I need to be happy being alone in order to be ready for the real thing, thanked the woman who gave me life, and learned more about where I came from. And that you can dress up and still be comfy. haha

I could go on and on, but I won't. I've been contemplating how I'm going to get everything home and how I'm going to get rid of ALL the stuff I'm not bringing home. It's such a daunting task and I've been putting it off as long as possible. lol But now that I have less than three months I think I really need to buckle down and charge through it all.

Well...this will possibly be the last thing I post until I get home. Mostly because I'll be too busy and stressed trying to pack up the last two years of my life and saying good-bye to friends. So I look forward to seeing you all when I get home!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's been a few months...

my bad. lol Haven't really had much to write about. I'm just ready to come home!!! I get a winter vacation in Jan. for two weeks after English camp in which I will meet one of my best friends April in England!!! We are also planning to make a trip to Paris as well!!! Should be a crazy time!!!

I've been ready to come home for a while as you all know. But lately, I've been so over Korea. haha I'm sure I'll miss it when I'm gone, but right now, I just miss home!!!

Other than that. No other big news. Oh...I did get my ticket home. If all goes well and I get through customs in time at LAX I should be home Feb. 29. If not, then Mar. 1. CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm just a tad bit bored...

So I saw this one a blog I visit frequently. I thought I'd do it to kill some time. lol

A. Age: 25
B. Bed size: Twin...I HATE IT!!!!
C. Chore that you hate: Dusting...horrible for my allergies.
D. Dogs: None at the moment...):
E. Essential start to your day: Good music
F. Favorite color: blue and lime green
G. Gold or Silver: silver
H. Height: 5’0"
I. Instruments you play: I used to take piano lessons and guitar lessons. No longer play either.
J. Job title: Native Speaking English Teacher
K. Kids: Nope
L. Live: Seoul, South Korea
M. Mother’s name: Linda
N. Nicknames: Carol (which I hate), skippy, Hicks
O. Overnight hospital stays: Touch wood, none.
P. Pet peeves: Bad drivers, ignorant people
Q. Quote from a movie: This is my diversion...They die on this version- Capt. Murdock from The A-Team
R. Right or left handed: Right handed.
S. Siblings: Zero.
U. Underwear: Yes.
V. Vegetable you hate: cauliflower
W. What makes you run late: Nothing
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Dental and right ankle
Y. Yummy food that you make: Cheesecake
Z. Zoo animal: White tigers and pandas

Saturday, September 10, 2011

So you've heard of emotional eaters??

Well I realized today...I'm an emotional shopper. lol So I went shopping last night with my friend and today with another. Here are my purchases!!!

Great additions to my fall wardrobe!!! The boots are AWESOME!!! I've been looking for flat black boots for ages!! We went into this shop and I saw them! However they were in brown. So I asked the guy if he had them in black and he said no, but I can paint. I was like...huh???? He then showed us a pair of pumps he had painted black that were brown. I asked him how much he told me service. The boots themselves were 45,000won. I was SHOCKED!!!! So it took him about 20 min. and they turned out AMAZING!!!!!! So I'm super stoked and can't wait til it gets cooler out!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to work...

First day of work after a much needed break. After a successful summer camp I went to Boracay, Philippines with a friend of mine. Boracay was amazing! It was beautiful but also super hot. lol They had great food, great beaches, and lot of activites. Even though my friend and I argued quite a bit, I still enjoyed most of my time. We snorkeled and did an island hopping tour. I went scuba diving for the first time and had a blast! It's making me thinka bout getting licsensed. But it's such an expensive hobby. Then I went on an ATV tour where we went to Puka Shell beach and then up to the highest point in Boracay. That was pretty sweet. They had a small zoo up there and I got to hold a bat. It was crazy!! haha On Saturday night before we took our free sunset sailing trip I started to feel under the weather. Sure enough I got extremely sick. I spent all night Saturday in our room shivering and sweating with a fever and had a really bad upset stomach. Sunday morning I went to the hospital and spent the entire day there where they pumped me with fluids and antibiotics through an IV. Not so much fun. I spent the rest of Sunday night as I did Saturday. We then had to get up at 4:00 AM Monday morning to travel back to Korea. I had to make sure my fever was gone so I could return as well. So by Monday afternoon no more fever...THANK GOODNESS!!!! Still had an upset stomach, but it was not as intense as before. We got back on Monday and spent the rest of my vacation in bed resting up. Having a really high fever and upset stomach really took a toll on my body. I've lost about 6 lbs. which will most likely return. lol But, I'm hoping to keep most of it off.

I'm a mentor teacher again this semester. Last Monday I got a call from the District Supervisor asking me if I'd be one again this semester. She also asked me to check her documents for mistakes. lol She's such a cool lady. I just couldn't say no to her. So this semester I'll have two mentees. And instead of them coming to my school and then me going to theirs, they will just come to mine. So I think a lot less work this time. Thank goodness. lol

I can honestly say I'm a lot happier in the past two days than I have been in the past 6 months. Except maybe during that week in Hawaii. lol Although one of my girls is leaving on Friday and I will miss her terribly we had a great send off for her Saturday night. And the rest may have to do with a certain person...possibly to be named later. hahaha We shall see.

Anywhoo, 6 months and couting until I'm back home for a while!!! I think I'll be stateside at least for a few years before I even think about going anywhere else...if that even happens.

Well I'm off to do something else. lol Peace out!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I've become such an angry and moody person while being here in Korea. Friday can't come soon enough! I just need some time away from here to relax and enjoy time with my parents and hopefully when I get back I'll be ready to spend the last 9 months here. This experience has been life changing and I will never regret one minute of it, but right now I just need a break!!!!!!

The end!

Monday, June 27, 2011


So I've started this new weightloss program called Herbalife. And for those of you who don't think I need to lose weight, trust me I do. Anyways...a friend of mine has been on it for a year and she's had great success with it. So we were talking about it the other day and it sounded like something I could really do. Basically it's a shake for breakfast and dinner and a nutritious lunch. With small snacks of fruits or veggies in between if you get really hungry. There's also multivitamins and a supplement called Cell-u-loss that helps with losing water weight and swelling. And a tea that has an engergy supplement in it as well. You just put some of the powder in your water bottle and you're good to go. So today is day 1 and I can already tell you I'm not as tired, not bloated after lunch like I normally am, and just feel much better. Granted I've had to make lots of trips to the ladies room, but I guess it's worth it. Having a small bladder isn't cool at all!!! lol

I think I can stick to this plan with the help of my friend and hopefully the next time ya'll see me I'll be at least 10-15 lbs. lighter. That's my goal anyways. To lost that much by the time I leave here. So wish me luck!!!

If anyone else is interested in this is their website. Herbalife. You have to find a distributor near you in order to get the products. But you can look around the site in the meantime.

On a different note...getting magic straight done to my hair again. This time instead of paying like $200 for it my friend will do it for $50!!!!! He's the one that always cuts my hair! BANK!!!!! hahaha

Countdown til Hawaii!!!!!!! I won't have my new camera to take, but I'll take my other one. The camera arrived broken in that the LCD screen was messed up. So I called the company I got it from and he's sending me a new one as well as some sort of filter for free!!! So hopefully I'll have it for Boracay.

Alright...another trip to the ladies room is in order..hahaha Sorry TMI!!!!! Lata!!!

Just B: B Bright: DIY color block pouch

This is my new project!!! I've gotta head to Hongdae to get the clutch and paints and stuff...but it will be worth it in the end!!! Will post pics when it's done!

Just B: B Bright: DIY color block pouch: "Everywhere you look Celine pouches are somewhere to be found, lusted or dreamed of. I myself had a moment of weakness drooling over the le..."

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Even after 16 months...

there are still things I'm not used to and that irritate me living here in Korea. As much as I've enjoyed my experience here I can't see myself living here forever. There are things that I know I can't get back in the states, but there are things I can get in the states that I can't get here.

Disclaimer: This post may sound negative and whiney, but I'm not trying to be. Just wanting to express the difficulties I'm still having living here. we go.

1. The humidity. OMG!!! You think humidity is bad in Oklahoma. You don't even know. We have humidity, but humidity here is on a WHOLE 'nother level. You walk outside and BAM! It hits you like a mack truck. I honestly could use about three showers a day. Thank goodness for air con. Or I would do a midnight run and never return!!! haha

2. Monsoon season. BLAH! Two months of raining every day. And I mean EVERY day. Maybe not the whole day, but on and off. I absolutely HATE the rain! Especially when I have to walk in it. Even with an umbrella everything gets wet. BLAH!

3. No consideration for surroundings or other people. Yes, there are those people who are somewhat considerate during certain situations, but I can't tell you how many times I've been body checked by old men and women, pushed for no reason, and treated as if I was invisible. Is it so hard to just walk the 2 steps around someone instead of ramming your body into them as if they're not really there? I've also seen people who have been injured or need assistance and EVERYONE walks right on by. I saw a woman literally fall on her face and EVERY single person walked by like nothing happend. Eventually a man stopped to make sure she was OK. Why I didn't help you ask...I was 3 stories up in a coffee shop. Had I been, I would have immediately gone to check on her. In the states if something like that had happened there would have been a swarm of people surrounding her.'s fend for yourself.

4. Being an adopted Gyopo (Overseas Korean) doesn't help much with the fitting in. Much less a "heavier" Korean woman. I've somewhat got used to the stares, but I still know what it happens. When I speak English and when I'm hanging out with my friends who aren't Korean. This country is so appearance oriented. You must be thin with a pretty face or you get treated like crap. I think I have a decent face with big eyes or double eyelid, but here being heavier really give you self esteem issues. And even though I am a foreigner I don't appear to be. It's strange how my foreigner friends who are caucasian are treated compared to how I would be treated if I was out by myself. Not that I'm complaining or am's just weird to see and experience.

Right now that's all I got. Just a little peice of my mind as of late. Peace out!


I created a tumblr account...just trying it out to see how it goes. Seems pretty cool!!!
My Tumblr

So check it out...ask me a question!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

4 more weeks of class...

I'm super super super super behind on this. My bad! I just haven't had the motivation to write anything. Not because I haven't been doing anything, but because I've been doing quite a lot and don't really feel like writing about everything when you can really just keep up with facebook. haha But, I guess I owe you a quick update.

Had my open class today. The VP, and the 3 other English teachers, as well as the head teacher were in there to watch. Kinda nervous because it was the first time for the VP to see me teach. And that man kinda scares me. Anyways...It went OK I guess. But, as the VP was giving feedback I felt like it was bash Caroline's teaching day. He expects me to learn the students names. First of all, I would love that because it would make life so much easier, but remember I teach 3 grades, 2 with 7 classes and 1 with 6, and at least 27-30 kids in each class. So do that math and that's at least 540 kids probably a little more. YA...that ain't gonna happen and considering it takes me about a month to remember a Korean name anyways. So, hopefully the 4th graders will start wearing name tags and I'll get up enough courage to read their names. lol And yes it will be in Korean. After the meeting was over Wendy, my 4th grade co-teacher translated and made his comments not as rude. lol So it wasn't so bad. So I'm glad that's over and done with.

This weekend making a girls trip to the beach!!!! There's about 8 of us going all together. It's going to rock!!!! Gotta work on my base tan for Hawaii and Boracay so I don't fry. I'm so looking forward to Hawaii!!!! And I'm splurging a bit on a little something something for myself! I've been debating whether or not to get a DSLR, but then I realized that I'd probably get annoyed by the large size of it. So my friend Tyler showed me his Sony Nex 5 he recently got and I fell in love. haha My other friend Thanh has one too, but I didn't get to see his in person. He's too stingy to show it to me. haha So, I found a package deal on for the camera, two lenses, a case, extra battery, 16GB memory card, a couple filters, and a cleaning cloth for about $860.

I can't resist. So, Tyler is letting me ship it to his APO. What a nice guy. lol and dad, don't get mad at me. I'm still saving up enough money. Don't worry!!!!

Hawaii in 4 weeks as well!!!! I leave the 15th for Hawaii and get to see my parents on the 15th back in the states!! It's going to be awesome!!!!! And I'll hopefully have my awesome new camera!!! If not, I'll take it to Boracay. But looking forward to see the parents and just being in Hawaii.

Alright well...that's about all I've got the energy for. So...take care and until next time.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Only 2 Teacher's Day Cards...

This first letter is from a 5th grade boy. I had my co-teacher translate for me. It says...
"Hi English Teacher. I am Dong Yeon. Thank you for your help and your great love. Thank you English Teacher. I love you."
Sooooo cute!!!!

This one is from John another 5th grader.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A step in the right direction??

I think I've figured out what to do with my life once I come home from the motherland. Grad school of course, but Occupational Therapy. More specifically, Pediatric OT. San Jose State Unviersity has a great Master's program that allows me to take prerequisites at pretty much any college, so I would be able to get those done at OSU-OKC to save some money. Then hopefully get into the program and move to Cali. The program is 2 1/2 years. Two years of classes and then 6 months of field work. Not only would I have to retake anatomy and human physiology, but I'm required to take an art class and Black and White photography is my choice!! Getting to work in a dark room again is something I've been wanting to do. And I already have a camera, so it's a good start.

Anyhow...3 months til Hawaii!!!!! And 10 months until I come home!!! I'm so looking forward to seeing my parents! And hopefully seeing a couple friends that might make the long trek to Korea!!! You two better be able to know who you are!!!!

Things have been pretty rough the last two months, but I think things are getting better thanks to my parents and Hattie for listening to me (pardon my french) bitch and moan!!! haha I love you!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm still alive...

Sorry I've been lacking here. I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things. I've got 3 new co-teachers, so just trying to get used to them. So far so good. I kinda feel like I don't do as much as I did last year, but not complaining. lol

I don't really have real motivation to write anything right now, I apologize. But just thought I'd post a quick update.

Anyways...home was great...very tiring and spent too much money and ate too much food, but had a great time. I was right that I wouldn't want to come back! lol But now that I'm back I'm glad I'm here even though I've been going through a pretty rough time emotionally as of late. But, pulling through and things are looking up!

Well...take care and I'll try to give an actual update within the next month. hahaha

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winding down year one...

Year one in Korea is coming to a close. As of Jan. 26 I will have been here in Korea for 11 months. I can honestly say this has been the CRAZIEST year of my life. Lots of ups and downs. Lots of tears and laughter. Lots of fear and calmness. And the closer I am in finding myself. It's hard to believe that just a year ago I was in Oklahoma, living at home, with a part-time job, and trying to figure out what the heck I was going to do with my life. Although, I'm still trying to figure out what the heck to do with my life I've spent the last year living in a foreign (mother-land) country, living on my own, being an independent woman for the first time in my life. As much as it terrified me to come over here knowing no one, not knowing the language, and not really knowing much about my new job or my living situation, I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.

The biggest, scariest thing that has happened to me within the last year was meeting my birth mother. It's still really hard to explain everything I'm feeling about the meeting, but it's been something I've been looking forward to since I was a kid. And then to finally meet her was such an incredible thing. I found out the other day that she does want to be updated on how I am doing via Ms. Oh. So if I have any new news I'm to tell Ms. Oh so she can pass on the info to my birth mother. I'd say that's a step in the right direction. As far as her really being a part of my life, I don't really see that happening. And I honestly don't know if I would want that. But, if that ever comes up, it will be MUCH later down the road.

Now on to the fun stuff. Since being in Korea I've come to realize that when I go back to the states for good that there will be LOTS of things I will miss. Things that I have a weakness for thanks to this incredible country. So, I thought I would share some of these things with you. Several of these things I'm able to find in the states, well actually all of them I'm able to but finding them in Korea is just so much more...satisfying. haha goes!! Warning...LOTS of pictures!!!

Seoul Metro: The subway system is FANTASTIC!!! I haven't driven in a year and it's been the most amazing feeling ever! haaha The subway is clean and extremely easy to use. I have been on quite a few subway systems around the world and the one here in Seoul is by far the BEST one.

Forever 21: Being on the bigger side of Korean women this store has provided me with countless outfits and at an affordable price!!

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens: I actually got my first set of these in the states, but let me let you in on a little secret. My obsession with pens, markers, pencils, it's a Korean thing. I LOVE these pens for doodling and writing in my calendar. I will never use anything else.

만두: Mandu (Dumplings): These little pieces of heaven are my absolute favorite!! haha

김치: Kimchi: Korea's Dish. It's definitely an acquired taste, but in the words of many Koreans, "It's good for health".

Now the best part!!!! I've noticed since being here that Korean men KNOW how to dress. And no matter what they wear...they wear it extremely well. So, here are a couple of my favorites on Korean men.
The Cardigan: First on John Cho, Korean American actor. Second, on Gong Yoo, Korean actor.

Glasses: Glasses seem to be the must have accessory here. There are glasses shops everywhere and it seems like all my students wear them even if they don't need them. First on Ji Jin Hee, Korean actor. Second on Daniel Henney, Korean American actor.

Last but now ALL TIME FAVORITE!!!!!
The Suit and Suit Vest: First on Taecyeon, singer in the group 2PM and actor. Second, Dennis Oh, Korean American model and actor. Third, John Cho, Korean American actor. Fourth, Gong Yoo, Korean actor. Fifth, Dennis Oh. Last, Daniel Henney.

18 days until I'm stateside and it couldn't come soon enough!!! I need a vacation from Korea. I'm looking forward to my already busy schedule coming home. My first week is already entirely booked with my 2nd week not as busy. So, if you would like a visit....let me know and I'll see what I can do!! haha Until then...Peace out!!