Friday, February 26, 2010

South Korea

How do you pack your entire life into two suitcases and a backpack? You either have very little belongings, you live in a box, or you are forced to according to airline regulations, I fall into the latter category. I spent over three hours packing, unpacking, rearranging, down sizing, and endless calls to my mother for assistance in order to pack for the next year of my life. I thought packing for three months was hard, try packing for a year for somewhere you know very little about. What kind of bedding do I need? Where will I be living? Where will I be working? These are just some of the inquiries I had. As did many of you all. And yet, as I sit here on the plane with 5 hours to go, having watched 2 and a half movies, played three games, and gone to the bathroom once, I'm still as clueless as before. But right now, those are the least of my worries as I realized about 2 hours into the flight out of Chicago that I did not pack a towel. So, my first shower experience in Korea may not be as luxurious as I would have liked it to be. I may be drying off with the t-shirt I'm rotting in right now (I know sorry for the visual), or I may be able to find a washcloth which would be just fabulous. We'll see, I'll let you know the outcome.

The fact that we still have five hours left until we've land and I can stand up without having to crawl over two people who I believe think I'm weird, I've had a lot of time to think about why the heck I got myself into this situation? I know that I can do this. I know that I'm getting ready to do something most people only dream about. But, moving half way across the world by myself? I do appreciate the prayers, the encouragement, and the love. haha I can do this. I will do this. I think at this point it is finally setting in that my friends and family are thousands of miles away and I know no one here. Don't forget the part about not knowing the language and looking like I do. So far, there have been three instances where Korean has been spoken to me and I feel like an idiot having to tell them sorry I do not understand them. Hopefully, that will be taken care of eventually.

I will say a semi proud moment would be when they brought around lunch and she started takling Korean at me and I said "I'm sorry," Which the flight attendant responded with the same and told me my food choices. Beef or Korean. What did I choose you ask? Korean of course. She then proceeded to ask me "Have you had Korean before?" To which I replied, "yes." So, I'm not really sure what I ate. I know there was rice, seaweed, beef, mushrooms, bean sprouts, and I believe zucchini. As well as some other sprout looking thing. there was also some weird looking pickles as well as some melon, which I steered clear of. There was also some seaweed soup which I did try. It was alright, but not something I would have chosen to eat. So, the man sitting in the isle seat, me being in the window seat, I watched inconspicuously to see what to do. I followed his lead and much to my surprise enjoyed the mixture of veggies that I normally wouldn't eat at home. (Sorry mom)

Anyways, post one finished. No pictures yet. I thought about documenting my airport/airplane time, but who wants to see that? Not me! Even though I ran into two friends at the OKC airport before I left.

I am grateful for this experience and terrified beyond belief. And the splitting headache isn't helping. haha Anyways, when you see this posted, you will know I have arrived in Korea and am probably just barely among the living. lol

Take care and I love you all!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

6 Days...

Annyonghaseyo! (Hi in Korean) I got my visa yesterday!! An actually visa in my passport! haha Bought my ticket this morning. Will be flying out of OKC 7:00 A.M. Feb. 25, 2010. Will arrive in Seoul, South Korea Feb. 26, 2010 at 4:30 P.M. which happens to be my friend Sarah's birthday. Totally sad I won't be able to be here to celebrate with her.

When I get there I'll have orientation where I'll be rooming with two other people. Not real sure how long that will be because school starts back March 2. So, I'm guess Saturday, Sunday, and possibly Monday, but Monday is a holiday. Then I'll get to meet my principal and co-teacher and see what my new home will be like. Don't worry there will be pictures. I know you all are just dying to see what my living situation will be am I.

I've got a list of address in which I will be mailing postcards, maybe small gifts, etc. If you would like something, let me know your address and I will see what I can do. lol

Next post probably won't be until I'm there.

Peace out! (I really need to learn to say this in Korean!)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Music finally added...

So, I've been downloading Korean music like crazy. haha Who cares I can't understand a word they're saying, I like the music!!! haha So, on my Travel Tunes there are a couple of my favorite songs...hope you enjoy!!! If you want to know what they're saying...just youtube it! haha It will work, I've watched the videos.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Countdown to Korea

14 days until I leave for Korea. The only things left are to get my visa, which I have sent all my documents down to Houston and now just waiting for a call to make an interview appointment with them. Then I must go down to Houston and will hopefully come home with a visa. At least I know where my documents are going, instead of sending them out into space and not knowing where they are.

Then I must buy a plane ticket, pack, say good bye to friends and family, and then I'll be off. I've been talking to people who have taught in Korea and who are still there. I have heard great things. Anyways...I'm not really in a blogging mood, so sorry this one sucks. But, just wanted to post an update for Hattie. haha

Peace out!