Saturday, June 26, 2010

Quick post before I go out for the day...

So I've been super busy with figuring out what to do for summer camp. I've got to come up with everything on my own. So I've been totally stressed out about that. The semester is almost over!! July 19th is my last day. Then I get almost three weeks off!

Secondly, Friday night I went to a Korean salon for the first time. One of my beginner adult students was kind enough to take me. Granted her English is a bit rough, but we managed. The workers in the Salon were all younger people. Probably around my age or a little older, so they knew a TINY bit of English. One girl more so than the others. But they tried to hard to speak to me in English. It was great. Since I was there for 3 hours, I guess they kinda felt obligated to talk to me. lol I got a hair cut and magic straight done. The magic straight was what took so long. But I'm definitely happy with it! I can now just blow dry my hair and it's not poofy and wavy anymore!!! So the following picture is the result. Granted I haven't been able to wash my hair since then. So it's a bit nappy looking.

Well, I'm off to Itaewon and wherever else for the day with my friend Jesse who I haven't seen since High School. She's here studying at Yonsei for two months. It's so great to finally see a familiar face!!!!!

Peace out!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Gots to stop going to bed too early because that just means up at an unruly hour and tired at work. These Korean's are very perceptive...especially my students.

That's all.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Been a while...

Not too much to report. Mainly just been busy working and working. I did have a couple of days off where I did pretty much nothing. haha I did finally make it to the Costco which is AWESOME!! I got a case of 20 Dr. Peppers. It's amazing! No England Dr. Pepper here, thank goodness. It's the REAL stuff!!!

Right now I'm sitting here in my "Reds" jersey keeping an eye on the score of the Korea vs. Greece game. Let's go Reds!!!

Had kind of a rough day today, but a certain someone helped me out of it and he doesn't even know it. What would I do without him. Now if he could just win the lottery so he could possibly come here sooner than Oct. or Nov. hahaha

People always ask me...what do you miss about America the most? My answers...GARBAGE DISPOSAL AND A CLOTHES DRYER!!!! OMG!!!! hahaaha And the ability to throw away food and not feel so guilty. lol Crazy Koreans and their rules!

Ugh...enough rambling...peace out!