Thursday, April 28, 2011

A step in the right direction??

I think I've figured out what to do with my life once I come home from the motherland. Grad school of course, but Occupational Therapy. More specifically, Pediatric OT. San Jose State Unviersity has a great Master's program that allows me to take prerequisites at pretty much any college, so I would be able to get those done at OSU-OKC to save some money. Then hopefully get into the program and move to Cali. The program is 2 1/2 years. Two years of classes and then 6 months of field work. Not only would I have to retake anatomy and human physiology, but I'm required to take an art class and Black and White photography is my choice!! Getting to work in a dark room again is something I've been wanting to do. And I already have a camera, so it's a good start.

Anyhow...3 months til Hawaii!!!!! And 10 months until I come home!!! I'm so looking forward to seeing my parents! And hopefully seeing a couple friends that might make the long trek to Korea!!! You two better be able to know who you are!!!!

Things have been pretty rough the last two months, but I think things are getting better thanks to my parents and Hattie for listening to me (pardon my french) bitch and moan!!! haha I love you!!!