Monday, October 25, 2010

Winter is upon us...

As warm blooded as I am, once it starts to get cold, the temperature of my body no longer matters. In the last 48 hours the temperature has dropped drastically and I find myself sitting in our classroom wishing I had gloves on my cold hands and a beanie on my head! My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall, mostly because...well, the temperature is not too hot and not too cold. But, during those seasons the most common question I get from the people around me is, "Aren't you cold?" This is when I wish I could just wear a sign that says, "I'm not cold". When the seasons change here in Korea is seems like people automatically change their wardrobe to match. Even if the temperature is warm in the fall there are those people who are wearing coats and thick leggings with boots. I tend to start overheating when I just glance at those crazy people. I don't know if it's the mindset or the fact that "Korean people don't sweat". hahaha

Even though we pretty much have all four seasons in Oklahoma, I don't really have a wardrobe for them all. I tend to wear the same thing year 'round adding a jacket or coat when the weather is too cold for short sleeves. But, now that the cold is showing it's UGLY face I think leggings under my jeans is the best way to keep from freezing my tush off in a classroom without insulation. Even though it's a bit warmer than the halls of the school, but nontheless it's cold enough.

So today after school I will be going to Technomart and E-Mart for groceries and a beanie and gloves to tide me over until my box from home comes that contains my favorite beanie and warm gloves.

At least the chattering hasn't started yet (touch wood).

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Korean Life...

So it's been 7 months. Seven months living in a coutry where I still don't know the language. Seven months of teaching kids and adults English. Seven months of living on my own. Seven months of having to pay my own bills. Seven months of not being able to see my friends and family. However, I did get to see my parents at the 7 month mark!!!!

I still sometimes wonder what if I stayed in Oklahoma? Would I have passed my teacher certification test? Would I have found a job? Would I still be working part-time at the YMCA? There I go again on the "what if's". That dreaded adoptee characteristic. lol

I've made some great friends, I've gotten some amazing experience, and I'm slowly but surely learning more and more Korean words. lol Not necessarily phrases, but words.

I do still find myself incredible lonely, but maybe that's a good thing. I don't know. lol

Anywho, my parents visit was great! Had a great time with them. Not really having to spend any money. lol My mom found some great handmade Korean paper which I believe is called Hanji. Or something that sounds like that. lol She bought quite a bit. And I bought some awesome socks!! haha Socks are apparently a big there here in Korea and they sell really cute ones for like 1,000won which is like $.90. So I got some with Taeyang from Big Bang on them and a pair with Ramyun on them. haha I also did some clothes shopping and got a pair of shoes.

Tomorrow is sports day at school!!!!!! So no class and I get to watch everything!!! So I will be taking pictures and video!!! So pics and video will be posted on my facebook of sports day!!!! They really do go all out for this shindig!!!! I'm tellin ya!!!!

So, update on coming home. I will be home possibly in Feb. for two weeks. Camp will most likely start on Dec. 27 and will last for 2 or 3 weeks, not sure yet.

That's it.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I've watched this video about 20 times and still love it!!!!

This is from one of my favorite shows, "So You Think You Can Dance". This year they brought All-stars back to dance with the contestants. The All-star in this one is Twitch and Alex is the contestant. Alex, the really cute Asian guy, is a professional ballet dancer and he was to dance hip-hop with Twitch. This is their routine and it is incredible!!!!!!

P.S. I only put this here because this is what has been keeping me entertained while I'm at home all alone. haha I download TV shows. It's fantastic!

P.P.S. Actual post to come this weekend when I have nothing to do!

Article about this incident below!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Here is an article from the Korean Times about this old woman who yells and grabs a teenage girl by her hair and pushes her around the subway car. Video to follow.

Brawl of old woman, teenage girl in subway car causes stir

By Kwon Mee-yoo

A carriage on subway line No. 2 turned into a fight arena when a young teenage girl talked down to an older woman who savagely assaulted the student in response.

The scene was captured by another passenger and uploaded to various websites and YouTube, causing a huge stir among netizens, Monday.

The video clip shows the old lady reprimanding the student for sitting cross-legged and the young girl talking back to her. Losing her temper, the old woman grabbed the girl’s hair, pushed her around and threw her on the seat in the car, while other passengers watched the scuffle.

At the end of the clip, the teen girl shouted into her cell phone, “I hate Korea, dad!” and swore at the old woman. Then she noticed the person recording the scene and said: “Upload it onto YouTube.”

Eyewitnesses explained other details not included in the video. They said the student sat with her legs crossed, wearing shoes smeared with mud and it had stained the old lady’s clothes.

She asked the girl to remove her dirty shoes from the seat and the student apologized twice. The old woman continued to scold her with abusive words and the teen girl then refuted and began talking back to the old lady, when the recording of the clip started.

A netizen said the old woman habitually provokes quarrels with other subway passengers and demands younger people to give up their seats for her.

Reaction from the general public was divided into three types — some blamed the rude schoolgirl for using crude language to the older lady, while the others condemned the old woman who attacked the young student and began quarreling with her.

The third group blamed the onlookers for doing nothing. “I think the people around them just watching are also part of the problem.

They should have pulled them apart,” a netizen nicknamed Mirunamu said.